Nokia 1280 Launcher Latest Version

The Nokia 1280 Launcher is a launcher app designed to give your Android smartphone the look and feel of the classic Nokia 1280 feature phone. Here’s a look at the latest version (1.0.4 as of April 25, 2024) to help you decide if it’s for you:


  • Simplicity and Performance: This launcher is known for its ease of use and lightweight design. It won’t bog down your phone with unnecessary features.
  • Classic Nokia Look: If you’re a fan of the old Nokia phone interface, this launcher offers a nostalgic experience with big icons, a grid layout, and even classic Nokia themes.
  • Battery Friendly: Because it’s not loaded with features, the Nokia 1280 Launcher can help conserve battery life on your Android device.
  • Wide Compatibility: The launcher works on most Android devices (version 4.4 and above).


  • Limited Features: This launcher is all about simplicity, so if you’re looking for a lot of customization options and widgets, you won’t find them here.
  • Not for Everyone: The retro style might not appeal to everyone, especially users accustomed to modern smartphone interfaces.
  • Lacks App Selection with D-Pad: Currently, the app doesn’t allow navigating and selecting apps solely with the directional pad (D-pad) like the classic Nokia phones.

Overall, the Nokia 1280 Launcher is a great choice for those who:

  • Want a simple and easy-to-use launcher?
  • Love the classic Nokia phone look and feel.
  • Have an older Android device and want to improve battery life.

However, if you need a lot of customization options or prefer a more modern smartphone experience, you might be happier with a different launcher.

Here are some additional things to consider:

New Features: The latest version (1.0.4) doesn’t seem to have any major feature additions compared to previous versions. User Reviews: There are currently no reviews on the Google Play Store, so it’s difficult to gauge user experience beyond the app description.

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