How to do a WhatsApp tracker?

According to the Google Play Store listing for WT Tracker- Web Scanner, here’s what the app offers:


  • Manage Multiple Accounts: You can link and manage up to six WhatsApp accounts on one device using a QR code scan [2]. This seems helpful if you use multiple WhatsApp accounts for business or personal reasons.
  • Save Statuses: The app allows you to save other users’ WhatsApp statuses to your device’s storage [2]. Keep in mind that WhatsApp statuses typically disappear after 24 hours, so this functionality might help you keep a copy.
  • Direct Chat: WT Tracker offers a feature to send messages directly to a WhatsApp number without saving the contact information [2]. This could be useful for one-time messages or communication with people you don’t necessarily want in your contact list.

Things to Consider:

  • Privacy Concerns: WT Tracker likely requires access to your WhatsApp data to function. It’s important to be mindful of the permissions you grant the app and ensure you trust the developer. WhatsApp itself doesn’t officially endorse this app, so proceed with caution regarding potential privacy risks.
  • Negative Reviews: While there’s no official rating available yet on the Play Store, some third-party websites list user reviews mentioning issues like the app being buggy or not functioning as intended.
  • Alternatives: There are other ways to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts, like using WhatsApp Web or third-party business apps. Consider exploring those options before installing WT Tracker.


WT Tracker offers some functionalities that might be useful for managing multiple WhatsApp accounts or saving statuses. However, due to privacy concerns, a lack of official endorsement by WhatsApp, and potential bugs reported by users, it’s advisable to proceed with caution. Consider exploring alternative methods for managing your WhatsApp needs.

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