Clock Vault-Hide Photos Videos App FREE Download

Clock Vault, alternatively recognized as Clock – The Vault or Clock Vault: Secret Photo Video Locker, stands as a mobile application designed to conceal photos and videos on your device. Crafted to masquerade as a fully functional clock app, it operates covertly, ensuring that prying eyes remain oblivious to its true nature.

Let’s delve into some user feedback:


  • Camouflaged as a clock: This standout feature resonates with many users, offering a cloak of secrecy by obscuring the app’s true identity.
  • User-friendly: Users widely acclaim the app for its intuitive interface, making navigation a breeze, even for individuals with limited tech prowess.
  • Cost-effective: Clock Vault extends its services free of charge, albeit with potential ads.


  • Security apprehensions: Certain users express reservations regarding the app’s security integrity, especially when safeguarding highly confidential data. For enhanced security, exploring alternatives with robust encryption is advised.
  • App name disclosure: Reports surface regarding the app’s name, “Clock,” appearing in the sharing menu when saving files, potentially undermining its concealment purpose.

In summary, Clock Vault emerges as a viable choice for those seeking a straightforward solution to safeguard their media content, particularly for casual usage. However, individuals requiring heightened security for sensitive information may find alternative vault apps offering superior encryption more suitable.

Consider the following pointers:

  • Various vault apps, both free and paid, offer diverse features and heightened security measures. Exploring multiple options before settling on Clock Vault could prove beneficial.
  • Despite employing a vault app, maintaining vigilance over your device’s security configurations remains paramount. Utilizing a robust password or PIN to unlock the app further fortifies your data protection.

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