Best Watch 4G Smart Watch Buy Now

4G smartwatches are a niche product but they do exist. They typically run a full-fledged mobile operating system, like Android, and have a built-in SIM card slot, so you can use them for data, calls and texts without needing your phone nearby. This can be useful for runners or cyclists who want to stay connected without carrying their phone.

Here are some features to consider when looking for a 4G smartwatch:

  • Battery life: Because they have more powerful processors and are constantly connected to the network, 4G smartwatches tend to have shorter battery life than traditional smartwatches.
  • Price: 4G smartwatches tend to be more expensive than traditional smartwatches because of the additional hardware required.
  • Size and weight: 4G smartwatches tend to be larger and heavier than traditional smartwatches to accommodate the larger battery and additional hardware.
  • Availability: While they are becoming more common, 4G smartwatches are not yet widely available from all major manufacturers.

Some popular 4G smartwatches include:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 LTE
  • TicWatch Pro 3 LTE
  • Amazfit Bip 3 Pro

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