What Are The Best Apps For Kids To Learn Surahs?

By the way, there are many ways to teach children, but you talked about the app, the app is very much about Surah, but about you, we will tell you which app it is, then the paragraph below. You will find the complete list

What are the best apps for kids to learn Surahs?
What are the best apps for kids to learn Surahs?

What are the best apps for kids to learn Surahs?

Following are some useful Urdu apps for children to learn Surah:

Quran Majeed (Quran Majeed): This is a popular app that contains the text and translation of the Quran. Children can learn different Surahs and Duas from here.

Bachon Ki Duniya – Islamic Apps (Bachon Ki Duniya – Islamic Apps): This app provides children with Islamic teachings, such as Duas, Surahs, and Qasas.

Islamic Games – Kids Educational App: This is an educational app that provides various games and interactive challenges to impart Islamic teachings to children.

Qasas ul Quran: This app provides various animations and games for children to learn Quranic stories.

Islamic Games & Duas for Kids: This app helps in teaching Islamic principles and Surahs to children.

Quran Majeed with Prayer Time for Kids: This app provides the text of the Quran and also informs about the prayer time.

These apps provide Islamic teachings to children in an interesting and educational way. It gives children the opportunity to work hard in religious teachings and learn religious values in a good way.

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