Surah Kausar With Urdu English Translation

Surah Kausar is the 108th chapter of the Quran. It is a very short chapter, consisting of only three verses. The name “Al-Kausar” means “abundance” or “plenty,” and it is believed that this surah was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during a time when he was facing financial difficulties. The surah reassures the prophet and Muslims that Allah will provide them with abundance, and that they should not worry about their financial situation.

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Reassurance of Abundance from Allah

In Islam, there are many verses in the Quran and Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) that reassure Muslims of Allah’s abundance and generosity. For example, in the Quran, it is stated that “And whoever puts their trust in Allah, He will suffice them” (65:3) and “And if you give thanks [by being faithful], I will give you more” (14:7). These verses and others like them remind Muslims that by putting their trust in Allah and being grateful for His blessings, they will be provided for and taken care of. Additionally, Muslims are encouraged to be charitable and help others, as this is seen as a means of increasing one’s own wealth and abundance.

Trust in Allah as the ultimate source of wealth and abundance.

In Islam, trust in Allah (Tawakkul) is an important aspect of faith. Muslims believe that everything is ultimately in the hands of Allah and that He is the ultimate source of wealth and abundance. Trusting in Allah means relying on Him for guidance and support, and recognizing that success and abundance come from His will. This belief encourages Muslims to work hard and make efforts to achieve their goals, while also recognizing that the ultimate outcome is in the hands of Allah.


Surah Kausar (The Abundance) is the 108th chapter of the Quran. It is a very short chapter, consisting of only three verses. The surah is believed to have been revealed in Mecca and its main theme is the abundance and generosity of God. The name “Al-Kausar” refers to the “abundance of good” that God has promised to bestow upon the believers. The surah concludes by reminding the believers that God is the ultimate provider of abundance and that they should always turn to Him in times of need.


What is Surah Kausar read for?

Surah Kausar is the 108th chapter of the Quran and is believed to bring blessings and abundance to those who recite it regularly. It is also commonly recited for the purpose of seeking forgiveness and seeking help in times of need. Additionally, it is believed to be effective in attaining the love and pleasure of Allah, and for the purpose of warding off evil and calamities.

What is the benefit of Surah Kausar Wazifa?

The “wazifa” of Surah Kausar refers to the practice of reciting the surah (chapter) repeatedly for a certain period of time, usually with the intention of fulfilling a specific need or desire. Some of the benefits associated with the Surah Kausar wazifa include:
Increase in wealth and abundance
Relief from financial difficulties
Fulfillment of legitimate desires
Protection from evil influences and enemies
Forgiveness of sins
Increase in love and affection from others
Help in finding a suitable marriage partner
Relief from physical and mental illnesses
Protection from accidents and calamities It should be note that Wazifa is an Islamic term that refers to the practice of reciting certain verses or surahs of the Quran with the intention of achieving a specific goal or fulfilling a specific need, it is not a scientific term and its benefits are based on belief and faith.

What is the lesson of Surah Al Kausar?

Surah Al Kausar, also known as “The Abundance,” is a very short chapter in the Quran consisting of only three verses. The main lesson of this surah is to remind believers that God is the ultimate provider and sustainer of all things, and that He alone has the power to grant abundance and blessings to those who put their trust in Him. The surah also encourages believers to be grateful for the blessings they have been given, and to not become arrogant or complacent. Additionally, it also emphasizes the importance of being patient in times of difficulty and to have faith that Allah will ultimately provide for all our needs.
Furthermore, the surah also reminds Muslims that all of the blessings they have are from Allah and they should be grateful to Him. It also reminds that the wealth and abundance we have are temporary and the ultimate wealth and abundance is the one in the hereafter.

What does Surah Al Kauthar talk about?

Surah Al-Kauthar, also known as “The Abundance,” is the 108th surah of the Quran. The main theme of this surah is the abundance of blessings and favors that Allah has bestowed upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the believers. The name “Al-Kauthar” means “abundance” or “plenty” and refers to the abundance of good deeds and blessings that will be bestowed upon the faithful on the Day of Judgement.
The surah begins by mentioning the abundance of blessings that Allah has given to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and how they will be a source of comfort and guidance for him in this life and the hereafter. The surah then goes on to address the disbelievers who mock and ridicule the Prophet, warning them that their actions will only lead to their own destruction.
The surah also reassures the Prophet and the Muslims that they will be victorious in the end, and that their good deeds will be rewarded, while the deeds of the disbelievers will be of no avail. Additionally, it also encourages the believers to be patient and steadfast in the face of persecution, reminding them that the ultimate victory belongs to those who have faith in Allah and put their trust in Him.
It is a Makki surah, which means it was revealed in Mecca before the Prophet and his followers migrated to Medina.

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