Lesson from Quran:Prioritize the Hereafter

Let’s talk about Prioritize the Hereafter That is, belief in the oneness of Allah and belief in the Hereafter, let’s talk about what is one of the basic conditions for monotheism or is it one of the conditions for Islam If we look, we can see six conditions, out of which these two are very important, because they are all important, that is why Islam is not complete, but we have them in our syllabus.

They will discuss what is according to the calculation, they will talk about the oneness of Allah, that is, what is Tawheed, and also what is our faith in the hereafter, that there is a life after death and what is in the hereafter will be punishment and reward. And according to that, we will get heaven or hell, so let’s talk about it

Lesson from Quran: Prioritize the Hereafter

In this, we will see the blue wine of Allah, the science of Allah, the existence of God, the existence of God, the signs that we get, what are the signs, the effects of it, that is, if we believe in Tawheed, then the effects of Tawheed are.

What they will be is right over the life of a person and thus we will see what is the belief in the afterlife and what are its effects on the belief in the afterlife. What are the effects throughout human life? Now look at the first thing if we talk about faith, what is faith?

If you say that you became a Muslim, then just to be a Muslim, you should say that you read the word, and after reading the word He said, “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

The first thing is that you have to believe in Allah, that is, belief in monotheism, which is the most fundamental thing. Different religions that we have seen, which were mystical religions and non-semitic religions, I will not want to discuss here in the middle.

So, somewhere in the symmetric gender, that is, what we see is the concept of monotheism in what we see as religion. Still, in what is non-somatic, there is confusion.

What it is is a mess because they base it on plastic so that you will see it somewhere and you will not understand what it is, but what we have in the summing religions is monotheism.

You can see the theory, the inspiration in the religion, so what is the first part of faith that it is okay to believe in Allah, now we will talk about this detail, okay, secondly, we see the blue prophets and the prophets who are the prophets.

Belief in all the prophets of peace and blessings upon them is a part of our faith. It is a part of our faith in the same way that the faith in angels is also a part of our faith.

Sixth is the belief in predestination. It is very important for us that God knows everything and that He is omnipotent. We will not go into the debate here about how much power we have.

What we talk about about destiny is often correct. What is destiny, not that, but what it is, God knows everything, and the belief in, it is a part of faith, so these are the six pillars.

Pillars, if even one of these six is missing, there is even one in which you do not have faith, then your faith will not be complete or you cannot be called a Muslim. Read the word Hai and become a Muslim

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