Surah Feel-With English Urdu Translation

translation of surah feel

Surah Feel (also spelled Surah Fil or Surah feel) is the 105th surah of the Qur’an. It is a Mecca Surah and consists of five verses. The Surah is named after the word “fil” which appears in the first verse and means “elephant.” The Surah is believed to have been revealed in the period leading up to the Battle of the Elephant, a military conflict that took place in Mecca in the year 570.

Surah Muddathir Tafseer Pdf Benefits

Surah al Muddathir

Surah Muddathir, also known as Surah 74, is a chapter of the Quran. It is the 74th surah of the Quran and consists of 56 verses. The name Muddathir means “The One Wrapped Up” or “The Cloaked One” in Arabic and the chapter is believed to have been revealed in Mecca. The theme of the surah is the importance of …

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Surah Jinn Pdf With Urdu Translation

Surah al Jinn

Surah Jinn (The Jinn) is the 72nd surah of the Quran. It has 28 verses and is a Meccan surah. The surah discusses the existence of jinn (supernatural creatures in Islamic belief) and their relationship with humanity and God.