Pakistan’s First Artificial Rain in History

Artificial rain has been given at various places in the city of Lahore. If I talk about the areas that receive Artificial rain, it include Jail Road, Lakshmi Chowk, Gulbagh, and Airport areas. UAE has given this opportunity to Pakistan.

They arrived in Pakistan about a week before you. When I talk about the first flight, what is in the first flight is still 48 players as expected. They have been carried out outside where it is raining at different places in Lahore.

Besides that, caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi also said that special measures have been taken to prevent this. In a few days, the anti-small towers will also be installed at different locations, improving what is in the smoke.

Artificial Rain

Complete information about Artificial rain

The atmosphere of Lahore has been suffering from smoke for a long time which was no less than torture for the citizens. To remedy this situation, caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi made several decisions.

One of the important decisions was Artificial rain and it took a long time for this. Alhamdulillah, those efforts were successful and the Punjab government created a new history and successfully tested the first Artificial rain.

No expense was spared and this experiment was carried out with the support of the UAE. Artificial rain was awaited for the last 15 days and as soon as the required clouds were found in the atmosphere, 48 were fired for cloud saving in the province under the first mission.

As a result, Artificial rain was possible, he further said that Artificial rain is unlikely to reduce smog, the most important goal for us is to save people’s lives and no effort will be spared for this.

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