Are Sefaria Translations Really That Bad?

The translation quality could really be better on Safari, as the Jewish content and translations on their websites and platforms are based on different content and translations. Sefaria is a collaborative platform with contributions from various individuals and organizations, and the quality of translations depends on the factors contributing to the content being published.

Are Sefaria Translations really that bad?

Some translations on Sefaria may be considered excellent and excellent translations, while other translations may be challenged for quality defects or interpretation errors. Whether the quality of a particular translation is considered “bad” or “good” depends on the opinion of the person and also on his wishes and preferences.

If you’re using Sefaria for educational or religious purposes, it’s important to carefully review the quality of the translations and, if possible, compare them to other authoritative content to verify accuracy. Also, if you are particularly suspicious of the quality of a particular translation, you can provide feedback to the platform or seek guidance from content-aware experts.

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